Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Tuesday we had everyone doing a little everything. We had some go into Yellowstone, some do a float trip on the river, some visited Mesa Falls, and some play cards and visited. Tuesday, Chris handed out the Mackley memory books. It was a HUGE project and they turned out super cool! She invited everyone to share a memory with each other of what being a Mackley means to each of us and what characteristics, memories, values and ideals that sustain our family and have become the roots of the Mackley family tree. We got some of the aunts and uncles, about half the cousins, and three great-grandchildren to share. Plus, Chris did some research and included some fun and interesting factoids about our grandparents. Lisa and and Tricia were in charge of activities, so Tuesday they did crafts (duct tape wallets and flower hair clips) before lunch as well as games at campfire that evening.   

For Minute to Win It, Mackley cousins, moved cotton candy on their vaselined nose to the other end of the table, shave balloons, and move skittles by sucking them by a straw to the other end of the table.  For Whose line Is it Anyway, we had a blind driver, a copilot who only spoke with her hands, and the ill-tempered Mexican wrestler had the walkie talkie... it's a miracle they made it to the reunion. (They had to change costumes and roles every 30 seconds). Improv is just one of the many skills exercised at reunion :).  We also had Kaylun as an Elvis impersonator with a crush on the host, Dane was an astronaut needing directions, Skyla was a disco dancer needing the host to be her dance partner, Jamie was a cowboy wanting to get the host's secret recipe for potato salad, Shay was hypnotized to think he was a chimp whenever anyone used the word "and", AND (Insert chimp noise here) Poor Erica was the host... GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

I borrowed pictures (in no particular order) from several family members (Tina, Lisa, Shana, Tricia, Chris, and Linda) for this post, and I just wanted to say thank you for all those who posted on Facebook! 

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