Saturday, July 16, 2011


Reunion was so much fun! We started out early with Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy visiting Burley for a week before reunion. Mom and Uncle Bill are very close and are so sweet together. It's fun to watch Mom switch from the mother or wife role to the sister. She laughs a lot! I think it goes back to the complete and utter trust that comes when knowing you're accepted and loved. Saturday we went up to Dr. Stock's cabin to stay for two days before we checked into Enchanted Forrest and our four cabins in Island Park (30 miles from the west gates of Yellowstone) for Mackley reunion. We met Aunt LaWana, Karyn, Lafi (he's SamOan and, Oh, so sweet!), as well as Linda, Ben, and their three children: Anna, Janae, and Daila; and Kaylun. Plus, there was Lisa and Josh; Tricia; Trevor, Erica, Ian and Alex; and then the Burley people Mom, Dad, Chris and Cindy (and Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy). Let's take a moment and count. Dr. Stock's cabin has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and we had twenty-two people :). We squeezed into the cabin and squeezed in a lot of fun Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday meant LOTS of hugs as each group arrived. That night we went to the dinner and play that night at Mack's Inn Playhouse. They served prime rib or chicken, and we watched Home School Musical starring Linoleum Dynamite and ZacTeflon. So funny! I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt! We were on the front row and got to heckle and interact with the cast since it's a parody and they encourage that kind of thing. They had a million great one liners from the show (mostly from Mama), when they would talk to the audience, and when they broke script :).


Mrs. Hugginkiss: “Do you think that was funny, Mr. Chuckles?!”

Mrs. Hugginkiss: “Snap! You just got snapped!”

Linoleum Dynamite: “I want to ask you the two golden questions: What do you know about polygamy and do you want to know more? (Don’t steal my line.)”

Homers: “Don’t be cruel to home school!”

Mrs. Hugginkiss: “Seven Days in the hospital or sudden death? Watch out!  Mama’s coming!”

Palmyra: Do you want a Ute Taco? It’s just like a Navajo taco, but it’s made with ground cougar.”

Lisa booing Senator Crackpotter
Senator Crackpotter: “Hey, I’m funny.”

Senator Crackpotter: “I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong.”
Linoleum Dynamite: “Yes!, I knew it.”

Telephone ringing
Mrs. Hugginkiss: “I picked it up! It can stop ringing now. (To the audience) We have an opening for a tech.”

Zac Teflon: “I’m looking for Amanda Hugginkiss”
Paymayra: “He wants a man to hug and kiss.”

Mrs. Hugginkiss: “Get out of my grill.”

Mrs. Hugginkiss: “Mama’s getting overheated.”

Mrs. Hugginkiss: “Let’s go home and soak it in windex.”

Linoleum Dynamite: “I’m out of here. Nobody’s going to walk on Linoleum anymore.”

Zac Teflon: “Is this room 201?”
Linoleum Dynamite: “You’re mom is in room 201.”

Mrs. Hugginkiss: “If you give away the milk for free, no one will buy the cow.”

Senator Crackpotter: “I need to raise my PP score.”

Mrs. Hugginkiss: “Gold stars for everyone!  But a green star for you for perseverance because that wasn’t any good.”

Palmyra: “You smell good.”
LaVelcro: “It’s called Forget the Anthem.  It’s from the Christina Aguilera line.”

Mrs. Hugginkiss: “Your shake brings all the girls to the yard!”

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